Mikayla Fischer

Born July 27, 2020
7lbs 4oz and 21"

6 weeks old

Can you believe it. Just 6 weeks old and here I am in the middle of a Pandemic. What a life. At least Mom knew exactly what to buy for me, toilet paper and hand sanitizer!

What in the world am I going to do. Woe is me! Wait a minute, I've come up with a great solution. We can just move away from this pandemic and move to L.A. That would be very cool because I have family there that I'd love to meet in person. Yeah! that's the ticket Mom, let's go!

5 months old

1/21 - Wow, look how beautiful I am at just 6 months. This move to L.A. was exactly what I needed.

2/21 - Check out my cousins Gavin, Hayley and Addi (not sure where Mila is but I understand she dances to the beat of her own drum) so we'll catch her later.

5 months old
5 months old

2/21 - This is my Auntie Michelle. Boy is she soft and gonna be one of my favs from now on.

2/21 - Oh my, this is my BeBe. Everyone says she's really nice and fun to play with but what's with that mask?

5 months old
5 months old

2/21 - What a group, Mamma, Bebe and Auntie Tracy. This is so cool, We're just back from a 5 mile hike and then having breakfast for "Galentines Day". The best part is that I don't have to walk, I'll be pushed or carried Yipee! I'll never have to walk again

2/21 - This is who my Mommy calls her person but to me she'll always be my wonderful Auntie Meggie

Auntie Meggie and Me
5 months old

2/21 - Whoa! This guy with the mask and long hair scared the heck out of me. I almost cried but then Mommy told me this was my great uncle Ronny and he's a good guy and will always make me laugh...We'll see!

2/21 - Check out the Hipster in the Hoodie...That's my big cousin Gavin. Can you believe that hair?

Gavin and Me
Cousin Hayley and Me

2/21 - This is my cousin Hayley. She took off my socks because she is going to teach me a few dance moves. She's a really good dancer (and baker too)

2/21 - OK, shut up. I can't help it if I'm hungry again. All this family stuff gives me an appetite and I love to eat.

Where is my Dinner?
Nanna and Me

2/21 - Check this out....I have my own Nanna, isn't that cool. She's going to teach me to read books (whatever the hell books are) plus, she smells like Pastrami, Yummy, I could get used to this!

2/21 - Yo Mamma! Now I'm really glad you brought me to SoCal. Check out this place, not a snow capped hill in sight and warm and cozy. Back in Boston we'd be freezing. I'm never leaving L.A.

Beautiful SoCal Hills
Papa and Me

2/21 - Mikayla, try this....ppppp aaaaaa, pppppp aaaaaaa. now put it together and you get PaPa. Yes, that's it, you're so smart!

2/21 - Don't hate me. I can't help it if I'm sooooo beautiful and not even a year old. Oh well, can you say Hello Modeling?

Model Me

3/21 - Check me out! I heard my cousin Gavin was going to pitch at his baseball game so I got my cap on and I'm ready. Go Coyotes!

3/21 - Hey, check this out! I just found out that I have a cousin and her name is Georgia Grace and she's little just like me. Wow, I bet we'll be great friends just like Mommy and Auntie Michelle

Me and Georgia

9/21 - I know, I keep getting prettier and prettier with each passing month. Deal with it!

1/22 - Just hangin' with my Bestie. He's kinda cute huh!

10/22 - I like this reading stuff as long as there are lots of pictures

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